Zhejiang colleges and universities eSports elective courses on boys and girls

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In November 2018 09, 07:50 source: qianjiang evening news
Original title: Zhejiang colleges and universities eSports elective courses on boys and girls

Choose the gaming class, boys and girls are

IG won the news has begun to affect the Hangzhou gaming Town, how to look at this issue insiders in the industry under the Wuzhen summit, Kenneth Fok said, the game thing is more important to build a bridge of communication, so that young people find the identity and the future.

Since one of the Ministry of education in 2016 to become the "addition of professional electronic sports and professional management", the country has many colleges and universities have opened this course, some even directly open professional gaming, then a voice questioned "the game can get the diploma?!"

About gaming, there have been different voices, saying that "Chinese too many children have no sports influence, with the popular words haven't tasted sports exercise and the achievement of pleasure, it flew by gaming captured." This is also the total of many parents worry.

In Zhejiang, a university computer science teacher opened the gaming course as early as 2011, has more than 1000 students enrolled in the course.

In June this year, Zhejiang's first gaming Academy announced formally established. In Hangzhou, there is also a gaming town.

Study of gaming in the end there is no future? Around the gaming industry and how well? The money newspaper reporter conducted a survey.

Visit the gaming Town: popularity in power.

Hangzhou gaming entertainment town located in Wulin Bridge Street Town, the last year officially started the construction of small town planning a total area of 3.1 square kilometers. At the end of September, the town introduced a total number of entertainment gaming enterprises more than 120, of which 72% of the gaming industry and related.

The 8 day morning, the evening news reporter came to the gaming entertainment Town, the town and out of all young faces, not many people, slightly deserted, the office, some of the company's brand has been hanging out.

IG won the news has influence here. The town hall, a young girl told reporters to interview, immediately said, "because the iG Championship?"

In fact, from the beginning of this year, we can feel the concern of the whole society on the increase in the gaming industry." Hangzhou gaming entertainment Town Management Committee of the relevant responsible person said, there are two signs can illustrate this point, one is to take the initiative to the CMC inquiry, intends to enter business here is two increase; many departments and agencies take the initiative to come to town and some resources for docking, "before we take the initiative to go."

- adhere to the teeth to now, is to see the dawn

Chen Yanlin is the person in charge of Hangzhou Competitive Sports Development Co. Ltd, as an insider, he said iG won the championship is absolutely good.

"The industry policy of recognition, promote social attitudes change, used to think is Wanwusangzhi, can now recognized as a sport."

Chen Yanlin was born in 1981 on the establishment of the company in early 2007. He described a few years ago the gaming industry is barbaric growth, no rules, no guarantee, a lot of people are interested in doing this with. If the previous bullish on this line, purely because of personal preferences, and now, it is optimistic about the whole industry chain."

"After our 2013 is the most difficult time, because of social prejudice to gaming, a bad day." Chen Yanlin said that there are a lot of people out of business, "a few people adhere to the teeth to now, is to see the dawn."

The last 9 months, Chen Yanlin will be one of the important reasons from the company moved to the west of the town, is the industry supporting policies here. From two years ago, Chen Yanlin felt the side gaming are gradually increase, this company also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Chen Yanlin is very optimistic about the gaming industry, certainly more than any previous traditional sports."

- rely on gaming to earn money, home also understand

Hangzhou gaming entertainment town in the beginning, I did something quite in the gaming industry influence, it is contributed to the LGD club and LPL (League) events in town. At present, the LGD alliance gaming hall can accommodate 800 people have been put into trial operation.

The LGD club in the gaming entertainment town office is not listed, here is the main players in training venues, both offices are filled with computer.

20 year old Lu Rui (a pseudonym) holding a bowl of porridge, while eating breakfast on the computer. He 3 years ago as the occupation player into this line of gaming.

"I used to be addicted to the Internet, did not finish high school came out." Lu Rui said mockingly, "first home certainly do not support, was able to earn the money, they do not say."

Lu Rui described his life, eat sleep play games, training every day for more than 10 hours, so far, large and small game played hundreds of games.

Speaking of the difference between playing gaming and general play online games, Lu Rui called: a big difference. "People are entertainment, we are the occupation. We lost the peacetime training, we must continue to do, practice, not the outside see playing every game so simple."

School class: gaming is not equal to online gaming

"I originally conceived, is of interest, and" cast students good ', I learn the computer, understanding of gaming, it opened a course for students to relax, but also to learn something with a credit."

In 2011, after the teacher Zhou Weida Information Institute of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, opened the course "Introduction to the world cyber games and practice, class locations in the school laboratory room, the number is limited to 100 people, every Monday class.

Because "E-sports" words, this course is particularly interesting.

"Our dormitory three people daily, I only got the." Last semester the boys in this class with his own doctrine lucky Da du.

"In fact, this course is not only to play the game, week teacher will introduce the development history of some gaming and related theory of knowledge. In fact, online gaming is not equal to, this is a class teacher will be stressed, I went to know more about gaming knowledge. After all, it said the experience of playing a game, the computer room in the school is certainly not professional Internet cafes." Du said the students.

"In the course of male and female students have classes, also did not let us down." A girl said.

Zhou Weida frankly their elective courses and gaming is not a level, "I would say this course basic knowledge and skills, and professional must involve a lot of course, can also with the industry and the industry chain link management."

Zhou Weida also pointed out that the "primary and secondary school students or less to play games, game players occupation this road is not so simple. Want to become the master, not every 10 hours of training is not possible. To a certain extent, may also tired than go to school."

The money newspaper reporter learned that the electronic sports and management specialty is the 13 professional one of the national Ministry of education in September 2016 supplement.

In June this year, Zhejiang Oriental Career Academy and Wenzhou super Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony, to build the province's first gaming institute.

According to the college Cooperative Education Department Zhang Xiaobing teacher, the gaming Institute has set up, but not yet officially enrollment. He said that as early as next year enrollment, preliminary plans for a class 50 people.

Young people need to self identity and the future

The Internet in Wuzhen summit, said Henry Fok, vice president of the group of Asian Gaming Association President Kenneth Fok talked about electronic games, electronic games although is a small part of the network culture, it is the world's second-largest sports section size. The game is more important is the communication bridge between young people, to help them find the occupation value and sense of self-identity, and the future.

Iqiyi chief content officer Wang Xiaohui said that entertainment does not represent the shallow, popular culture always for young people.

In Wuzhen, a cyber themed coffee in Hui 7 afternoon, the status of E-sports and the future direction of development, has become the focus of attention of the guests.

The money newspaper reporter learned that, in recent years, Chinese has become the world's largest gaming market. However, the gaming industry, a huge talent gap, leading to the development of the industry is facing problems.

According to the Gamma data in May 2017 released analysis report, China's gaming industry practitioners to reach 50 thousand people, the industry talent gap reached 260 thousand. This one, remove the lack of cybersports players outside the gaming practice management positions, practitioners need to E-sports rules and mode of operation have in-depth understanding, also will be a hard phenomenon.

Game player gaming CEO Zhao Pinqi said, the survey found, keen gaming crowd, 18-25 age group over 8. But in the case of college students accounted for more than 5, "the current situation is improving, many parents for gaming understanding as in the past is no longer in conflict."

As the boxing culture in Shanghai Communications Limited is responsible for Zhao Mingyi view, the concept of gaming is changing, gaming is not a "play" of the industry, and can become a cause.

Zhao Mingyi think, iG won the exciting gaming industry also has gone beyond its core market, there are more and more contact and association with other industries. The gaming industry is a system of industry, its derivatives industry can prop up billions of industrial scale, so the cultivation of talents to gaming.

Tencent gaming director Kim Yibo think they should do now is to correctly guide the development of the gaming industry, and gradually resolve the existing problems. But he said, "is more rational."


(commissioning editor Dong Sirui and Yang Bo)